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Professional Post Construction
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Your renovated home will turn from a mess to a cozy place!

The premises seldom remain clean after whitewashing, painting, and construction works. Construction debris, traces of whitewash on the floor, and streaks of paint on the surfaces are not the things you want to see in your freshly renovated house. Therefore, it’s time to clean the space and make it perfect.

Immaculate cleanliness in the house is the key to a good mood, health, and high efficiency. Suppose you want to live in coziness and comfort. In that case, the cleaning company Elite Maids NY offers quality post construction cleaning services NYC.

Our company’s post construction cleanup services consist of a professional approach and cleaning team that performs tasks quickly and responsibly. We will come to the object at the prearranged time and carry out all the necessary work

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The company’s cleaners are fearless of difficulties and work on objects of any scale, regardless of the contamination. In addition to ordinary residential apartments and houses, we also clean multi-story luxury estates.

Only Elite Maids are capable of cleaning large areas in private residences. In addition, high-quality and effective cleaning of apartments requires specific skills, and it is only possible with proper equipment and inventory.

With the help of professional cleaners, you can significantly save time and energy, which can be spent on more valuable things.

Why should you order post renovation cleaning services NYC at Elite Maids NY?

Why Choose Elite Maids NY services?

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Our professional cleaners know all modern methods of high-quality cleaning of various surfaces.

Elite Maids NY company NYC check icon Individual approach

We are always ready to provide several additional post renovation cleaning services NYC that are not included in the standard cleaning set.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Modern equipment

Modern methods of cleaning and professional detergents without aggressive components.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Payment

The price is always agreed upon before the execution of services.

Our team is ready to perform the assigned tasks, using vast experience and specialized detergents which do not contain harmful components.

We use professional cleaning equipment, which helps carefully cope with dirt removal even in the most hard-to-reach places.

Elite Maids cleaning company is a reliable, time-tested assistant in maintaining cleanliness!

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What do we guarantee?

1.  Responsible and reliable cleaners

We form teams that consist of 2 to 4 cleaners. Each of them undergoes a thorough check and training upon hiring.

The company’s staff’s experience, accuracy, reliability, and professionalism are mandatory criteria, so all work is performed at the highest level.

2.  Safety

Responsible and decent executors work in the state, so unpleasant situations with property damage are entirely excluded. However, we are ready to compensate for damages and losses in unforeseen circumstances.

3.  Honesty and transparency

We perform work at a high level, providing quality guarantees. For example, our cleaners hand over the object on time, and the company does not overcharge for services, regardless of the tasks’ complexity.

The company notifies the customer about the cost of the work before the cleaning team arrives.

4.  Quality comes first

Our manager controls each stage of the work. So when the client checks the job done, there are practically no comments.

However, in disputed situations, we undertake to redo the work.

What do post construction cleaning services NYC consist of?

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  • Collection and subsequent removal of construction waste
  • Dust removal from all surfaces
  • Removal of construction mortar residues and paint stains
  • Washing of kitchen furniture
  • Cleaning of dust and other contamination of glass and mirror surfaces
  • Washing and disinfection of tiles and sanitary ware
  • Removing dust from batteries, radiators, and air conditioners.
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What is included in post construction cleaning services NYC?

Cleaning after repair or construction includes:

  • cleaning the object from small construction debris
  • removal of collected garbage
  • removal of protective films from windows and doors
  • removal of paint residues, cement, and glue from tiles, flooring, and other surfaces
  • cleaning of doors, door locks, and window sills
  • washing radiators
  • Cleaning of floor covering (professional equipment is used)
  • removal of construction dust from furniture, feet, and ceilings
  • post construction cleaning NYC of the bathroom (cleaning of sanitary ware, floor coverings, disinfection, and other works)
  • cleaning of furniture, household appliances, and lighting devices
  • dry cleaning of carpets and furniture
  • thorough cleaning of the floor covering, washing of plinths.

Post construction cleaning services NYC: stages of work

Our cleaning company provides a full range of services that may be needed after repair work on the premises. Today, some construction companies try to leave a minimum of garbage after renovation, but it is still present. Therefore, additional work cannot be avoided.

We perform post construction cleaning services NYC in several stages:

  1. Garbage collection is the first thing to do after the end of the renovation. We collect all excess building materials, leftover work tools, baskets, boxes, and bags and take them out of the premises (disposal is not included in our services).
  2. Cleaning the floor and surfaces from construction dust is the most dreaded activity for the owners of the premises. You can’t just clean the floor and window sills with a damp cloth; you need deep cleaning post construction manhattan, in which one job will have to be repeated several times. We save time by using professional equipment and modern cleaning products, with the help of which we can quickly carry out the cleaning process and show an excellent result.
  3. Remaining traces of paint and varnish is one of the most challenging stages of cleaning the premises after repair. It is essential to remove the residues carefully without damaging the surface. The team uses scrapers, alkaline and acid cleaning agents, and a steam generator to do it.
  4. After getting rid of construction debris, traces of paint, and other contaminants, standard cleaning services are the final touch stage.
  5. Last, we remove the film from windows, doors, or furniture (if the table was in the room during the repair). We will carefully remove all the protective film after the work is completed and take off the remaining rubbish to hand over the premises to you in perfect condition.


Popular Questions and Answers about Elite Cleaning Services in NYC


Do you work in all areas of New York City?

Our cleaning company performs work in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC. 

What is the definition of post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning services NYC and repair begins as soon as the cleaners arrive at your facility after the construction works are over. Our post-construction cleaning service is designed to care for the mess left behind after renovating a property. This is a service that is especially needed if any of the following home repairs have taken place:

  • Kitchen/bathroom arrangement
  • Loft conversion
  • New extension
  • Replanning
  • General repair

What is included in post-renovation cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning services NYC includes many professional measures that our workers will take. They will use their industrial vacuums to remove as much dust as possible. Stains from paint and plaster are removed using special detergents that dissolve them. We will clean all windows in the house from the inside and vacuum window sills. The list of tasks that we perform as part of this service includes:

  • thorough cleaning and washing of all floors
  • removal of paint and plaster stains
  • internal washing of windows, window sills, and frames
  • cleaning plinths, doors, door frames, sanitary ware, switches, and sockets;
  • thorough cleaning of the entire house, including devices such as shelves and cabinets (they must be cleaned in advance);
  • removal of lime and scale removal from tiles in the kitchen and bathroom;
  • all surfaces and wood products are thoroughly cleaned and polished;
  • washing and cleaning toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and other parts of sanitary ware;
  • thorough cleaning of all floors and stairs;
  • external cleaning of kitchen appliances;


Is post-Reno cleaning necessary?

No matter how easy or difficult the property renovation was, there will always be much dust and debris. Even when it comes to painting and varnishing, you can be sure that after the builders are done with their work, there will be occasional splashes of paint and varnish here and there. So hiring post construction cleaning NYC for your property is a must if you don’t want to learn how to clean up after construction and renovations yourself properly.

How do you clean a house after construction?

The team of cleaners will be equipped with the necessary tools, such as high-performance vacuum cleaners, floor washing machines, high-pressure washers, and much more. As for cleaning agents, those used by cleaners are not available in regular stores and are intended for professional use only.

Our idea of ​​cleaning after renovation is as follows: you will soon be able to return to a clean apartment where you can live. All available surfaces, furniture, and appliances will be cleaned again. Please note that after a week, it is advisable to order a regular cleaning. The dust from the air will settle over time, so that you will need regular cleaning in a few days.

Are construction workers supposed to clean up after themselves?

Remember that the construction work must be completed before we do the post-renovation cleaning services in NYC. In addition, cleaners after construction work need access to hot water and electricity.

How do you clean post-construction walls?

The process of post-construction cleaning of apartments differs from general cleaning. Mainly because it requires a more thorough cleaning of the walls. Construction mixtures leave permanent traces on the walls, which are practically impossible to wash off with improvised means the first time. A professional apartment cleaning company after renovation anticipates this possibility. It supplies its cleaners with all the necessary means to remove:

  • putty;
  • paint;
  • construction dust;
  • glue and varnish.

As a result of cleaning the apartment after renovation, it is possible to achieve perfect cleanliness and not leave a single trace of construction work.

How do you remove Post construction dust?

Before removing the dust after the wet repair, you need to ensure that the material’s structure can withstand such a procedure. To get rid of dust, washable vacuum wallpapers first, then slightly moisten them with a sprayer and clean them with wet wipes.

Then a vacuum cleaner is used to collect dust. Choose a soft brush for the nozzle on the hose. Next, wallpaper cleaned with a vacuum cleaner is wiped with a slightly damp cloth not to spoil the roll material’s top layer.

How long does construction dust stay in the air?

Construction dust will settle for several more days if the air is not moistened. When the air is wet, the dust settles on the surface faster.

Does opening windows help with construction dust?

Before removing construction dust after repair, it is recommended to carry out ventilation by opening windows. This method is especially relevant when laying new wiring when workers have to prepare holes in concrete walls.

The door to the next room should be closed with a wet cloth, and the window in the room should be opened so that small particles can get out. After finishing the work, the air in the room should be humidified. Small particles in the air will fall to the floor under water vapor’s weight and can be cleaned up later.

What are the three phases of post-construction cleaning?

The phases of post renovation cleaning NYC are the following:

  • cleaning pollution and cleaning garbage;
  • washing and cleaning windows with an extractor;
  • wet and dry cleaning is performed using professional equipment;

Carrying out all stages of post-renovation cleaning with all the subtleties guarantees the premises’ cleanliness at the required level for an acceptable price in compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms and rules.

How much should I charge to clean a 3000 sq ft house?

Please keep in mind that to give you the most accurate price estimate, we need to know how big the area of your property is and what condition it is in. If the cleaning specialists need more time after the repair in the apartment or if they finish the job faster, we will change the price. But you can calculate the price on your own with the help of an online calculator here on the website.

How much do 3500 square feet cost to clean?

Of course, cleaning such areas will cost more than standard cleaning. However, in addition to the site, the cleaning specifics, the degree of contamination, and other factors are also worth considering. You can calculate the amount yourself using an online calculator.

How much does the cleaning after repair cost?

It depends on the house or apartment sq.ft size. We can name the exact price for cleaning the house after the repair only after our specialist evaluates the object. The cost depends on the following factors:

  • type of repair performed at the facility
  • the area of ​​an apartment, house, or office
  • customer requirements
  • number of employees required for post construction cleaning service

In any case, we can offer you competitive prices and excellent quality. You can find out the hourly rate for the post renovation cleaning services NYC on our Cleaning Rates page.

How long does post construction cleaning take?

Cleaning time depends on the work’s complexity, the object’s area, and the number of employees involved in cleaning. The average time for performing cleaning in an average-sized apartment is 2-8 hours. The cleaning process in a house lasts at least 4-10 hours. But it depends on customers’ area sq. ft size. Please contact our Elite Maids NY support to know more detailed information about your special order, 



How to order post renovation cleaning service NYC?
    • Please fill out the online booking form on the website or call us.
    • Wait for a call from the manager, who will contact you as soon as possible.
    • If you need a custom quote please contact us and we will calculate the general cost.
    • The manager will clarify the details and send Elite Maids specialists to the object.
    • On the appointed day, experienced cleaners will come to the thing and clean everything quickly and efficiently.


Does the company have a fixed list of cleaning works included in the post construction cleaning services NYC?

The scope of work after the repair is constantly discussed. We evaluate the premises and agree on the term and list of services.

Does the client need to prepare any cleaning equipment before the cleaners arrive?

Our team performs work according to the “all-inclusive” system. It means we take everything we need:

  • Brushes.
  • Sponges for washing windows and furniture.
  • Rags for the floor.
  • Necessary cleaning products.

No need to worry – we will take care of everything!

Can we discuss the price with the manager if there is no need to perform the entire list of cleaning works?

Customers may only need some stages of post-renovation cleaning. Sometimes, we can skip the garbage collection process if the construction company carries out this work independently. Also, removing paint and varnishes is only occasionally relevant because the repairers perform the work with the highest quality and do not leave traces. Please contact us if you have some custom questions, we will help you with your request ASAP and disscus the price for your cleaning needs.


Our team of professional Maids will make efforts to perform the perfect Post Construction Cleaning Services

Many people associate repair work with dirt, noise, and high costs. And it is valid to some extent because traces of cement mortar appear on the new tile, stains on the floor covering, and cracks on the windows. And the dirt that remains after the repair is not ordinary dust but persistent pollution that is almost impossible to wash off with a simple wet sponge.

Cleaners perform post renovation cleaning Manhattan NYC using professional household chemicals to remove various types of dirt. Such products do not erode the floor covering; they do not leave white spots and stains.

Specialists carry professional cleaning equipment with them. These are vacuum cleaners for cleaning furniture, floors, and windows, steam cleaners, and ozonizers. Unfortunately, suppose you decide to clean the apartment yourself. In that case, you will have to rent all this equipment, which can cost more than the services of our company.

Post construction cleaning services NYC from a professional cleaning company is the right solution to achieve the desired result, work on furnishing, and decorate the premises as soon as possible.