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Affordable Elite Park Slope Cleaning Service

Elite Maids NY offers top-quality, affordable Park Slope cleaning service. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.


Elite Maids NY - Your Park Slope Cleaning Solution

For professional, high-end cleaning services in Park Slope Brooklyn, trust Elite Maids NY. Your clean home starts here.


High-End Park Slope Cleaning Service

We offer customized cleaning services in Park Slope, Brooklyn to meet your needs, whether you require a one-time deep cleaning or a regular service. Our goal is to provide you with a hygienic and clean environment that satisfies you.

Why choose our cleaning service in Park Slope, Brooklyn?

In NYC’s busy life, our excellent cleaning services save you time and provide a spotless home. Our professional cleaning delivers spotless results and saves you precious time. If there’s anything you’re dissatisfied with or the results need to meet your expectations, we’re dedicated to making it right. Choose us for a cleaner, stress-free life.

Professional cleaning by our company has several advantages:

Elite Maids NY company NYC check icon The wide range of elite cleaning services available

You can choose either a pre-packaged service or customize the scope of work.

Elite Maids NY company NYC check icon Extensive knowledge of maids

Our trained maids clean efficiently without compromising quality.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Professional equipment 

The company possesses all the required equipment and cleaning products to ensure a meticulous cleaning job.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Prompt work 

It is not required to pre-book cleaning services in Park Slope, Brooklyn. We promptly process urgent requests and gladly accept scheduled bookings months in advance.

Elite Maids NY advantages of Park Slope Cleaning Services
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How can Elite Maids help to clean your apartment, house or commercial area?

As part of our cleaning services for houses, apartments, and commercial areas, we conduct a final inspection. During this inspection, we thoroughly examine everything, from baseboards and outlets to door handles, to ensure that there isn’t a single speck of dust or debris left behind. Our cleaners will also assess the quality of their work during this final inspection. Additionally, we take note of any special requests you may have made and make sure we have fulfilled them completely.

Our cleaning services in Park Slope are more comprehensive as there is a greater amount of cleaning required. Here’s a breakdown of what we do:

  • We remove all trash and debris.
  • We deep clean all walls, fixtures, and appliances.
  • We polish hardwood floors.
  • We vacuum carpets and rugs (vacuum delivery is available upon request).
  • We sanitize the entire home.
  • We dust all surfaces.
  • We clean the inside of windows (extra costs may apply).


We prioritize your safety and the environment. Our cleaning products are toxin-free, eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-abrasive, and fragrance-free.

 What is included in the apartment or house deep cleaning services in Park Slope, Brooklyn from our company:

Here are the cleaning tasks we will perform:

  • removing dust from the outer surface of furniture, multimedia equipment, lighting devices, and small decorative items;
  • Cleaning mirror and glass surfaces (except for windows);
  • Dry cleaning the floors and carpets with a vacuum cleaner;
  • Dusting the facades of cabinet furniture and interior doors;
  • Washing the hob and sink in the kitchen;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting sanitary ware in the bathroom;
  • Cleaning door handles, sockets, and switches;
  • Wiping door blocks, moldings, and plinths;
  • Cleaning the inner surface of furniture (only if it’s empty);
  • Dry removal of dust from walls and ceilings (depending on finishing materials);
  • Washing window sills, heating pipes, and radiators;
  • removing dust and dirt from the outer surface of kitchen furniture;
  • Cleaning and degreasing the working surface of the stove and sink;
  • washing small kitchen appliances such as kettle, microwave ovens, coffee makers, etc.
  • Washing large kitchen appliances outside refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher;
  • Sanitizing the bath, shower cabin, and jacuzzi;
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the toilet, bidet, urinal, and sink;
  • Removing rust;
  • Washing tiles and slatted or plastic ceilings;
  • Wet cleaning the floor, removing dust and dirt;
  • Removing garbage.
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About us 

Elite Maids NYC

For many years, our company has been the leading provider of professional and elite maid services to both private and corporate clients. With our unparalleled standards of excellence, we guarantee top-notch cleaning services that will surpass your expectations.

We provide top-notch maid services and maintain an up-to-date cleaning equipment fleet for luxury homes and apartments in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Who we are

At “Elite Maids NY,” we take pride in delivering top-notch cleaning services to our valued clients. Our team consists of highly skilled and professional maids who possess a minimum of three years of experience. With their exceptional attention to detail and dedication to cleanliness, you can trust that your home or office will be left in pristine condition. Choose “Elite Maids NY” for a reliable and efficient cleaning experience.

We carefully select our cleaners and invest in their development by providing knowledge of new cleaning techniques, inventory management, and chemistry.

You can easily order high-end house or apartment cleaning services Brooklyn Park Slope, from our company via an online booking form or by phone.

Finding reliable Park Slope Cleaning Service professionals for you

We promise that our professional cleaners are highly trustworthy and exhibit excellent work ethics, ensuring 100% safety and reliability for our cleaning services. Entrust us for impeccable, high-end cleaning services.


We guarantee your maid’ll always:


Experienced & professional EliteMaidsNY -Maid Cleaning Service NYC

Experienced & Professional

background and reference checked EliteMaidsNY -Maid Cleaning Service NYC

Background & Reference checked

English Speaking Maids - EliteMaidsNY -Maid Cleaning Service NYC

Confident English speaking

Interviewed in-person by EliteMaids NY - maid service NYC

Interviewed in-person by Elite Maids NY owners

Highly rated by-elitemaidsny-customers

Highly rated by previous Customer

Book in under 60 seconds


elite maids NY book Now

Online booking in 60 seconds

Provide the number of rooms and bathrooms, extra details and select the cleaning type.


Arrival of cleaners

Our team of expert cleaners will arrive at your residence and carry out the cleaning services that you have requested.


Relax after EliteMaids Cleaning

Enjoy the results

You are pleased with the cleaning service we provided and make a payment for our hard work.


Popular Questions & Answers about our Park Slope Cleaning Service for Apartment, Houses and Commercial Areas

How do I find a professional cleaning person in Park Slope?

If you’re in need of a cleaning service in Park Slope, Brooklyn, look no further than Elite Maids NY. With several years of experience in deep cleaning homes and businesses, we stand out from other cleaning services with our perfect customer service and attention to detail. To order our elite cleaning services, simply contact us through our website or phone, or you can book online. An EliteMaids manager will assess the situation and schedule a time for work accordingly.

How long should it take to clean a whole apartment or house?

Cleaning an apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn thoroughly usually takes around 3-5 hours, depending on the size of the apartment in square feet, and its condition. To ensure a comprehensive clean, it is important to take enough time to cover all areas, including dusting, mopping, and vacuuming. If you have a house with a custom square footage, please contact us to get a custom quote either online or via phone.


How much does it cost to clean an apartment/house in Park Slope, Brooklyn?

Cleaning an apartment in New York City can cost between $50 and $150 per hour, depending on the property’s size and the type of service provided. If you have a two-bedroom apartment, you’ll most likely need two cleaners, with each charging an average of $60 per hour. Additional services like deep cleaning, floor cleaning, window washing, and cabinet cleaning may also incur extra charges. Contact EliteMaids NY for more information and a free quote, as the final cost depends on the size of the apartment. For flat rates on apartment cleaning, please check out flat prices our website.

Park Slope Cleaning Services team work - cleaning for customer 100% satisfaction

Elite Maids NY will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!

If you’re in need of a reliable cleaning service in Park Slope, Brooklyn, EliteMaidsNY Cleaners is at your service. We understand that keeping your home spotless can be a time-consuming task, especially for busy residents. Our professional cleaning services are designed to help you maintain a clean and tidy home with ease. We can save you hours by handling this task, so you can rest or focus on other things!

Rely on Elite Maids NY company

about Eitemaids team - Williamsburg cleaning services

Why can you rely on the “Elite Maids NY” company in Park Slope, Brooklyn?

Elite Maids NY check iconElite Cleaning Services of high quality

Elite Maids NY check icon  Attention to detail.

EliteMaids check icon  “All-inclusive” system cleaning services.

Elite Maids NY check icon Customer support assistance.

Elite Maids NY check icon Fully insured and bonded Elite Maids!


Trusted Park Slope cleaning service

Elite Maids offers modern and up-to-date cleaning services that make use of unique cleaning technologies, quality tools and equipment, and ecological detergents. Only professional cleaners who possess special knowledge, experience,, and skills can provide high-quality elite cleaning services for all types of premises and surfaces in Brooklyn Park Slope. If you need expert advice before ordering the cleaning service, feel free to contact us by phone or book your cleaning online.


For what reasons do clients pick our company?

  • We only use approved chemicals and professional equipment that are safe for coatings and people’s health.
  • Timely, high-quality, and dependable work is what our experts are known for. The maids on our team do not work holidays or weekends. A crew of cleaners will be dispatched to your location at your earliest convenience after you place an order for our cleaning services.
  • We adhere to the tenet of tailoring our services to the specific needs of each customer.
  • Our premium cleaning services are backed by a guarantee.
  • Professionalism and individualized attention are hallmarks of Elite Maids NY.
Advantages of Elite Maids Cleaning Services in Park Slope, Brooklyn

As a professional cleaning company, we prioritize establishing long-term and repeat relationships with our clients. We take full responsibility for the quality of our work, ensuring that deadlines are always met. Our team of certified professionals uses safe, phosphate-free, and non-aggressive cleaning products, along with the latest and most advanced equipment from top manufacturers.

Our maids undergo specialized training, always striving to deliver high-quality cleaning results while maintaining a neat and polite demeanor. We operate with complete honesty and transparency, fixing the final cost of services at the contract-signing stage.

We take great care in handling delicate surfaces and treat all properties with the utmost respect. We offer a full range of high-end cleaning services, from routine cleaning to post-construction cleaning, facade washing, and even the most challenging bathroom and kitchen cleaning tasks.

When Time Is Limited, What to Do?

It is a wise decision to hire a professional cleaning service for post-repair or scheduled cleaning of your kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms in your home. This approach allows you to save time and effort while ensuring a thorough cleaning. At Elite Maids, NY, we specialize in providing high-quality cleaning services. Our team of professionals is equipped to handle all cleaning tasks, leaving your premises spotless and tidy. You can count on us to take care of the cleaning so that you can focus on doing what you enjoy. Call us today to schedule a cleaning service!


Eco-Friendly Cleaning by Elite Maids NY

We only use professional cleaning equipment for our cleaning services in Park Slope. To ensure that we achieve our goals with the highest quality, we utilize specialized equipment such as a vacuum cleaner and a steam generator. We prioritize the use of environmentally safe detergents that do not emit harmful substances into the air, thus preventing allergic reactions and negative impacts on human health.


Customer Satisfaction 100% Guarantee!

Amateurs do not conduct our high-end cleaning service! Our team of maids and managers are Park Slope cleaning service experts who have attended specialized internal training and external seminars!

We persevere through challenges, appreciate client feedback, and clean swiftly, well, and thoroughly.

Booking Process under 60 seconds

If you want to order our services, then it will be helpful to know how the application is made:

  • You can fill out a booking form with the information on the website or contact our managers by phone to clarify the information that interests you.
  • When ordering cleaning services in Park Slope, you specify the front of the work, and if necessary and see the booking price or call a specialist to the object for a preliminary assessment and estimate of the cost of future work.
  • Choose a convenient date and time for the arrival of a team of our “elite” maids!
  • After evaluating the cleaners’ work – enjoy a clean home.

Elite Maids NY Service offers industry-leading client satisfaction at over 99%!