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Professional, Reliable Move In / Move Out Cleaning Service NYC

Whether you are moving in or out, we can help make the transition easy!


Moving in and out of an apartment or house can be a stressful and exhausting experience. When there’s so much heavy work, packing, unpacking, and emotions involved, you can’t take on a load of cleaning yourself— and that’s where we come in.

At EliteMaids NY, Move In / Move Out Cleaning Service NYC, we provide extensive cleaning services for the home you are leaving and the one you are moving in.

We are a professional and reputable cleaning company in the industry and provide all move in and move out cleaning NYC per your requirements. We have a team of trained cleaners who work efficiently and leave no nook or crannies left unwiped in the process.

All you have to do is call our supportive staff and tell us everything you need, and we’ll have it covered. We promise to make your home look and feel comfortable and brand new.

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Professional Move in/ Move out Cleaning Services in NYC – Get a Clean Home Today!

We cover all our bases when cleaning the home or office before the tenants move in. At EliteMaids NY, we have categorized our cleaning services based on the extent, type, and cleaning time so you can easily pick the best plan for your place.

We provide thorough cleaning services to prepare the home for new residents. Whether you are leaving home or going to a new one, we provide top-to-bottom cleaning, sanitization, and fumigation services.


Our move in / out cleaning service covers the following tasks:

move out cleaning services NYC advantages by Elite Maids NY

Elite Maids NY company NYC check icon Cleaning the ceilings of dust and spider webs (Customer must provide ladder).

Elite Maids NY company NYC check icon Dusting furniture, blinds, windows, fans, light fixtures, etc. 

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Cleaning the switchboards, wall hangings, and other decorations.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Wiping the doors, door knobs, frames, handles, etc.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Wiping the furniture and other surfaces like counters.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Vacuuming and sweeping the floors (vacuum delivery – by request).

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Mopping.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Cleaning all the bathrooms, bedrooms, and mirrors.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Cleaning inside and outside the refrigerator and other appliances (except the freezer).

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EliteMaidsNY - elite and luxury cleaning services team work - cleaning before move in

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How can Elite Maids help to clean your apartment or home?

Our primary home cleaning services involve dusting and washing items where possible. Then we clean all surfaces, including the furniture, and finish off with sanitizing. All these services are part of our basic home cleaning package and come with no additional costs.

We bring our equipment, tools, and supplies required for cleaning. We also offer free expert advice and consultation if you are worried about which services to include and which to exclude from the package. Hence we devise customized plans and services depending on each client’s needs and requirements.


Extra Services – Better Cleaning (With Additional Charges)

We also provide other services, which you can avail of at an extra charge. For instance, if you are moving into a new home and want a more than regular cleanup or a thorough inspection and cleaning, you can add these services to your checklist.

However, make note these aren’t entirely free; there’s a little extra surcharge for these services, but they will make the cleaning worthwhile. Here’s what you can get by spending a bit higher than the original basic home cleaning rate.

  • A load of laundry.
  • inside windows cleaning;
  • Inside cabinets cleaning;
  • extra bathroom cleaning;
  • Organized items

These areas are separate from our regular cleaning as we have to invest more time and require more workforce to clean the walls and baseboards. Moreover, if you want us to organize things for you or declutter, that will take more time and resources.

However, if you want a thorough job, you can avail of these services at the most nominal rates in the market. Just let us know, and we’ll add them to our list!

Why to choose Elite Maids NY?

move in/ move out cleaning service NYC by Elite Maids NY company -process of work

We at EliteMaids help make settling into the new place less worrisome and more convenient. With us on the front end, taking care of all the cleaning requirements, you can focus on unpacking and decorating your new home.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • We promise to deliver quality and effort-driven service.
  • We use green products for all cleaning services.
  • Our customers, including tenants, landlords, office managers, and real estate agents, all vouch for our services; check out our testimonials!
  • We train our cleaners on the job and offsite to provide services efficiently while surpassing clients’ expectations.
  • We keep our staff motivated with higher than the market wage rates and a comfortable working environment.

We will make your new home more inviting, comfortable, clean, and more YOU! Book EliteMaids NY move in / move out cleaning service NYC here by clicking on ‘schedule a cleaning’ or call us to learn more and book our services.

Popular Questions & Answers about Move in/ Move out cleaning services in NYC

Are There some services that you don't cover in our move in/move-out cleaning service NYC?
These include:

  • Mold and other biohazard removals
  • Polishing wooden floors
  • Dishwashing 
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Personal laundry
  • Cleaning Exterior windows
  • Industrial grade cleaning
  • Pet waste removal
  • Moving and lifting heavy items 
  • Cleaning inside the freezer

EliteMaids NY specializes in all move in / move out cleaning service NYC. Our detailed cleaning services include everything in a standard house cleaning checklist but on a detailed note.

What do cleaning services do for move out?

Move-out cleaning services usually offer a full range of services to make sure that a property is returned to its original state when it is vacated. This means cleaning all the rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, carpets, windows, door frames, and other areas. Depending on the service, cleaners might also help pack, sort, and put things in order. In some cases, they may also do some extra cleaning.


What are estimated rates for apartment move out cleaning services in NYC?

Move-out cleaning services in NYC generally cost between $100 and $175. Our price is +100$ for additional move out/move in cleaning service. The hourly rate for a single cleaner is $60 per hour, with a minimum of three hours. Prices depend on the size of the apartment, the amount and type of cleaning needed, and the time required.


What does move in move out service mean for carpet cleaning?

Move in/move out carpet cleaning services refer to special cleaning services that are provided before tenants move into a new apartment. This type of carpet cleaning can help to ensure that the carpets are cleaned thoroughly and free of any dirt and bacteria that may have been left over from previous occupants. The carpet cleaning services typically involve a deep-cleaning of the carpets, vacuuming, spot cleaning, and deodorizing. The services can also include steam cleaning, which loosens dirt and helps to remove it from the fibers of the carpet. Furthermore, it can help to remove odors and remove embedded pet hair. Ultimately, move in/move out carpet cleaning services can provide new tenants with a clean and comfortable living environment. Unfortunately we don’t provide carpet move out/ move in cleaning services.


What will a cleaning service do in a move out clean?

A professional move-out cleaning service should include dusting and vacuuming of all rooms, deep cleaning of bathrooms, and mopping of all floor surfaces. Additionally, they should be able to provide services such as window cleaning, wall washing, and polishing of hardwood floors. Any carpets should be vacuumed and shampooed to get rid of embedded dirt, dust, and allergens that often accumulate after a move. Furthermore, all appliances should be cleaned, as well as cabinets and furniture. Finally, a move-out cleaning service should also include emptying and decontaminating trash receptacles, and taking out the trash.


How much to tip maids for move in cleaning service?

When tipping maids for move in cleaning service in NYC, you should consider how hard the maid is working and how much mess the maid may have to clean up. The general etiquette for tipping professionals is to leave a tip of 15-20% for great service. A tip of $10-$20 per service is considered standard, however if you hired professional cleaners during the holidays – consider to tip more – $50-$100. Finally, remember that tipping is not mandatory, and it is completely up to the individual to decide how much to tip.


Advantages of Hiring Move in/ Move out Cleaning Services in NYC by EliteMaids NY

  • We have years of experience servicing NYC and providing cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting services throughout the region. We offer easy online booking of our services through our website.
  • Our team is hands-on in providing services following Covid-19, adhering to all safety measures. 
  • We are comprehensively covered and bonded.
  • We check our cleaners’ backgrounds and reviews by clients for every task to keep up with the work standards.

Suppose you are planning a move; make sure you put the move in cleaning services NYC in your things-to-do checklist! Contact EliteMaids NY, for easy cleaning around the house or apartment.