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Professional NYC deep cleaning services

Deep sanitizing of all premises at a reasonable price!

We are pleased to welcome you to the website of our Elite Maids cleaning company. For many years, we have been engaged in the complex maintenance of elite real estate objects in professional NYC deep cleaning services.

Our cleaning company offers its customers professional cleaning services, care of floors and other coverings, and deep cleaning. Competent, thorough cleaning of apartments and houses is the key to a clean and healthy environment around you.

Professional deep cleaning services in NYC will allow you to return your luxury home to its original fresh appearance.


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Professional Deep Cleaning Services in New York City

We guarantee the quality of our work and the effectiveness of our methods. So, fill out the form below and find out the price for NYC deep cleaning service for your home. Also, call us on the indicated phones if you have any particular questions, and the managers will be happy to answer them. 

 NYC Deep Cleaning Services Advantages by Elite Maids NY:

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  • the market leader in the field of cleaning;
  • products from the best manufacturers;
  • impeccable reputation of the company over many years of being on the market;
  • many years of experience in providing cleaning services;
  • quality materials and equipment;
  • a wide selection of cleaning services;
  • Professional service at all levels, namely consultation, the performance of essential works, and additional services – everything is done at a professional level by highly qualified employees;
  • All staff periodically undergo advanced training courses and participate in various seminars, exhibitions, and other specialized events to provide you with the maximum level of service;
  • taking into account your wishes regarding the cleaning process;
  • Convenience: without leaving home, you can order any cleaning by using the appropriate form on our website;
  • Safety of materials used during cleaning – we use hypoallergenic products from manufacturers who comply with global standards regarding the quality, hygiene, and environmental friendliness of their products;
  • The transparent prices that you can calculate on the website and the lack thereof;
  • No hidden fees for additional services;
  • loyal conditions, promotions, discounts for regular customers!


EliteMaidsNY - elite and luxury cleaning services team work - deep cleaning services in New York
EliteMaidsNY - elite and luxury cleaning services team work -post construction cleaning services in NYC

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How Elite Maids NY can help to deep clean your apartment or house?

With the modern rhythm of life, more and more time is dedicated to working, leaving almost no time for household chores. And everyone wants to see their home clean and cozy. To make the home deep cleaning services easy, entrust it to professionals! Extensive experience in general and modern cleaning technologies allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality services.

Specialists of our cleaning company will perform cleaning much faster than you can imagine. After cleaning, your house will shine bright with cleanliness. We recommend ordering NYC deep cleaning services at least four times a year.

List of works included in deep cleaning:

  • removal of dust from the ceiling and walls;
  • dust removal and wet cleaning of all vertical and horizontal surfaces;
  • dust removal and wiping of devices and equipment;
  • washing of all glass and mirror surfaces;
  • cleaning soft furniture and floor coverings with a vacuum cleaner (vacuum delivery – by request);
  • washing floors, boxes, and plinths;
  • washing, cleaning, and disinfection of tiles;
  • washing and disinfection of toilets;
  • washing and disinfection of bathrooms and shower cabins;
  • washing and cleaning of kitchens and dining rooms;
  • cleaning and treatment of sanitary ware;
  • cleaning and washing of heating radiators;
  • polishing of doors and door frames;
  • cleaning furniture and dust and dirty outside;
  • rubbing wooden furniture with polish;
  • cleaning and wet cleaning of floor coverings;
  • garbage removal.

When Do I need to book NYC Deep Cleaning Services? 

deep cleaning services by Elite Maids NY

It is optimal to carry out NYC deep cleaning service after repairs. Regular cleaning allows for the restoration of the initial shine of all surfaces.

The composition of the detergents and cleaning toolkit is determined individually after inspecting the condition of the premises. Therefore, we recommend ordering a deep cleaning apartment NYC at least once every 6-12 months.

The list of services is being discussed. We will prepare the premises for occupancy and put them in perfect order. It will be easy for you to create your cozy atmosphere in the updated room.

Specialized cleaning works are performed at the customer’s request and are also paid for.

Popular Questions & Answers about Deep Cleaning Services NYC


What are deep cleaning services?

Deep cleaning apartment NYC is a professional service in maintaining the cleanliness of luxury premises, cleaning, and caring for real estate objects by a specialized company. Our cleaning company is a Maid Agency whose main activity is washing, cleaning, polishing, and maintenance in elite premises of the private sector.

What is the approximate cost of deep apartment cleaning in NYC?

The price for the NYC deep cleaning service is approximate. It is determined individually depending on the specific wishes of the client. Therefore, you can calculate the cost of services for your home by specifying all the details in the booking form on our website. Also, our managers will be happy to answer your questions, determine the cost of cleaning services, and place your order by phone.


What is included in deep cleaning services?

Professional general cleaning of the apartment includes cleaning the walls and wet cleaning of the floor, washing tiled surfaces, washing plinths and cleaning heating radiators, taking care of interior items, polishing doors and furniture, etc.

The team that comes for NYC apartment deep cleaning is equipped with everything necessary for cleaning, namely hand tools and wiping materials, equipment, tools for cleaning, various consumables, etc. So you don’t need to worry about anything.

On our website, you will be able to familiarize yourself in detail with the main types of cleaning services provided by our cleaning company, approximate prices, and order the service that interests you.


What kind of clients need deep cleaning services?

Deep cleaning will be needed by those who have just completed renovations in the apartment, have not cleaned it for a long time, or have some complex contamination. This service is suitable for both ordinary and luxury real estate.


How much do deep cleaning services cost?

Our company carries out deep cleaning of apartments and houses at reasonable prices. You can calculate the exact cost of services specifically for your home using the online booking calculator on our website. The final price is formed depending on the list of selected services and the number of cleaning stages. We consider the room’s area, the task’s complexity, the amount of garbage, and the type of cleaning. Following the set requirements, we select the required number of cleaners who perform the work within the set time.

You can find out how much the work of Elite Maids employees costs on our website.


What do deep cleaning services do?

Modern deep cleaning services NYC is a comprehensive cleaning that includes many methods, approaches, and practical actions. Only a professional cleaning company with specialist knowledge and experience, a complete set of professional equipment, chemicals, and equipment, can provide quality cleaning services for any premises. In addition, our company’s employees’ professionalism allows for cleaning of any complexity.

What equipment and means do you use for deep cleaning?

NYC deep cleaning service of floors is carried out with special floor equipment and safe, highly effective detergents. Gentle technologies are used for wooden coverings. We clean linoleum using special rotary machines—also, our worker’s clean marble surfaces using professional grinding equipment. The technology of cleaning the floor and other characters consists of the mechanical treatment of the surface with special chemicals. Depending on the type of coating and the degree of contamination, alkaline, acidic or neutral detergents are used to remove standard contamination of various origins and old, deeply ingrained stains. After cleaning the floor, polishing and grinding are carried out. Stains are removed, and the floor surface is rubbed to a shine.


Our Professionals Exceed Expectations in providing Deep Cleaning Services in NYC

Our cleaning company has a lot of successful work experience. An individual approach, excellent organization of the cleaning process, professionalism, and responsibility of our employees are a guarantee of providing an optimal set of cleaning services and high quality of service. In our work, we use only professional cleaning equipment, inventory, and chemicals from leading manufacturers. By ordering our team to carry out cleaning, you get the opportunity to get cleaning work done at any time convenient for you. Thus, we can take care of cleaning and maintaining the cleanliness of your real estate, cleaning apartments, houses, or other premises by specialists of our cleaning company. The advantages of our company are the highest quality of cleaning, a favorable price policy, and a real saving of your efforts and time.

We provide cleaning services once or permanently at the client’s request. We always take into account special requests and perform cleaning according to the wishes of our clients!

We provide NYC deep cleaning services for any premises, post-construction cleaning, and cleaning after renovation, move-out deep cleaning services in NYC, and other cleaning services for luxury real estate.


Our company works qualitatively and quickly and guarantees excellent results!

With respect and hope for fruitful cooperation, the Elite Maids cleaning company team.