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Reliable Deep Cleaning Services New Haven

Elite Maids NY does an exceptional job at cleaning services New Haven. Book eco-friendly, affordable, and professional home and commercial cleaning services that you can rely on.


Your Elite Choice for Deep Cleaning Services New Haven CT

Choose Elite Maids NY for elite deep cleaning services in New Haven, CT. Affordable rates, professional results, and a cleaner, more comfortable living or working space


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There’s no shortage of cleaning services, but Elite Maids NY stands out from the competition due to high-quality, reliable, comprehensive, and exceptional services. Whether you need deep cleaning services in New Haven for your home, office, or commercial space, we’ve got you covered.

Reliable and Hassle-Free Cleaning Services in New Haven, CT

Relax while our trustworthy crew cleans your home to perfection using top-quality tools and products.

We at EliteMaidsNY understand the value of your time, which is why our cleaning service in New Haven, CT, offers flexible scheduling options to seamlessly integrate with your busy lifestyle. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Why Choose Our Deep Cleaning Services New Haven?

We understand you’re busy. Life is already as hectic as it is, and cleaning tasks are just an added burden. Let us take this task off your hands.


There are numerous benefits to hiring our company for professional cleaning services:

Elite Maids NY company NYC check icon The extensive choice of high-end cleaning services

Choose pre-packaged or customized services to fit your needs.

Elite Maids NY company NYC check icon Vast experience with cleaners

Our skilled housekeepers clean your home with great efficiency while maintaining top-quality standards.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Professional equipment 

The company has all the necessary equipment and cleaning supplies for meticulous cleaning.

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New Haven’s Best Deep Cleaning Services

Be it a regular cleanup or a deep cleaning session, we do a stellar job. Our goal is to leave a clean and hygienic space that you can enjoy.

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Residential Cleaning Services New Haven CT

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House Cleaning Services New Haven CT

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Professional Cleaning Services New Haven CT

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Post Construction Cleaning Services New Haven CT

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Deep Cleaning Services New Haven

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Move in/Move Out Cleaning Services New Haven

Elite Maids NY advantages of deep cleaning services New Haven CT
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How Can Elite Maids Help Keep Your Residential and Commercial Spaces Clean?

If you take a quick look at our cleaning service provision procedure, you’ll come to know that we take your requests into consideration from the beginning to the end. When we first arrive at your property, we conduct a thorough assessment of your cleaning needs and create a customized plan that caters to your specific requirements. If you have any special requests, we will account for them, too.

We understand that not every cleaning job has the same requirements. Some are regular cleanings, while others may be a thorough spring cleaning session. We’re prepared for both. Here’s what we do:

  • Remove cobwebs from corners, ceilings and walls 
  • Vacuum carpets and area rugs 
  • Dust and polish furniture surfaces 
  • Clean mirrors, windows, and glass surfaces 
  • Disinfect sinks, tubs, toilets, and showers 
  • Mop and sanitize floors 
  • Wipe down all countertops and surfaces 
  • Clean kitchen appliances inside and out 

During all these tasks, our main priority is to be eco-friendly and provide a satisfactory cleaning experience. Our cleaning solutions are fragrance-free and non-toxic to ensure your living space remains safe for you and your family.

 What is included in the apartment or house deep cleaning services Brooklyn from our company?

When you hire us as your designated professional cleaning service New Haven CT, here’s what you can expect us to do: 

  • Vacuum the floors and carpets ;
  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces, such as baseboards and countertops ;
  • Clean mirrors and glass surfaces (additional costs for  inside window cleaning) ;
  • Empty and clean out trash cans ;
  • Disinfect sinks, tubs, toilets, showers and other bathroom fixtures ;
  • Deeply clean kitchen appliances inside and out ;
  • Wash the heating pipes, radiators, and window sills ;
  • Degrease the kitchen cabinets and appliances ;
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all door handles, light switches, and other high-touch areas ;
  • Wash and sanitize all floors ;
  • Wipe the plinths and moldings ;
  • Remove dust from the ceiling and the walls .
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About us 

Elite Maids NYC

Our cleaning journey began in NYC with a passion for providing quality and reliable cleaning services to our clients. Over time, we have expanded to other areas, including New Haven, CT.

Who we are

EliteMaidsNY is a team of professional cleaners dedicated to satisfying our clients, one home at a time. All our recruits undergo thorough background checks and extensive training to guarantee your house or apartment is in good hands. We also provide ongoing training about new cleaning techniques and products to keep our team up-to-date.

Schedule a cleaning with our team through an online booking form , or call us.

Finding reliable Cleaning Service New Haven CT professionals for you

We guarantee 100% safety and reliability for our cleaning services. Our professional cleaners have excellent work ethics and are highly trustworthy. Entrust your home to us for impeccable, high-end cleaning services.


We guarantee your Elite Maid is always:


Experienced & professional EliteMaidsNY -Maid Cleaning Service NYC

Professional & Experienced

background and reference checked EliteMaidsNY -Maid Cleaning Service NYC

Background & Reference checked

English Speaking Maids - EliteMaidsNY -Maid Cleaning Service NYC

Confident English speaking

Interviewed in-person by EliteMaids NY - maid service NYC

Interviewed in-person by Elite Maids NY founders

Highly rated by-elitemaidsny-customers

Elite Maids NY customers highly rate them.

Book in under 60 seconds with EliteMaids


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Online booking in 60 seconds

Provide the number of rooms and bathrooms, extra details and select the cleaning type.


Arrival of cleaners

Our team of expert cleaners will arrive at your residence and carry out the cleaning services that you have requested.


Relax after EliteMaids Cleaning

Enjoy the results

You are pleased with the cleaning service we provided and make a payment for our hard work.


Rely on Elite Maids company

Elite Maids NY - About Our Team

Why can you rely on the “Elite Maids NY” company in New Haven, CT?

Elite Maids NY check iconelite services of premium quality.

Elite Maids NY check icon Impeccable work ethic and attention to detail.

EliteMaids check icon comprehensive services under the “all-inclusive” system.

Elite Maids NY check icon Customer support is provided for any issues or concerns

Elite Maids NY check icon Our cleaners are fully insured and bonded

Your Choice Among New Haven Cleaning Services 

Whether your little ones are keeping you on your toes or a particular week has been too chaotic, we understand how quickly a clean home can turn into clutter and chaos. Worry not; we’re at your service. 

Our range of cleaning services New Haven includes deep cleaning, apartment cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and regular cleaning. We take extreme care to remove every last bit of debris, pollen, dust, and allergens from your home.

Why Customers Choose Us 

We offer competitive rates, customized services, and a satisfaction guarantee. Our clients love us because we are:

  • Efficient and reliable 
  • Thoroughness in our cleaning approach  
  • Flexible with schedules and cleaning packages 

Looking for Reliable Cleaning Services New Haven? 

When it comes to cleaning services New Haven, look no further. We’re just a call away. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let our team take care of the rest. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our services. Book our cleaning services today.