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Looking for a reliable cleaning service Williamsburg Brooklyn? Choose Elite Maids NY for a sparkling clean home.


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Elite Maids NY, the trusted name for professional cleaning services in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We deliver quality every time.


Elite Williamsburg Cleaning Service


Our Williamsburg cleaning services are flexible enough to accommodate your schedule, whether you need a deep cleaning once a year or on a more frequent basis. We strive to ensure that you are satisfied by providing you with clean atmosphere.

Advantages of our cleaning services in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Living in the fast-paced environment of New York City, many people find our services helpful. In addition to saving you time, our expert cleaners leave your home sparkling. We want to make things right if there’s anything wrong or if the outcomes don’t live up to your expectations.

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Our trained maids clean efficiently without compromising quality.

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The company has all the necessary equipment and cleaning products for a thorough job.

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Pre-booking cleaning services in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is not required. You can just call us to order cleaning services!

Apartment Cleaning Manhattan by EliteMaids NY

Get a clean home today with our professional cleaning services in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Our cleaning services are equipped with top-of-the-line, eco-friendly products and equipment that guarantee superior quality results every time. As one of the best cleaning services in Williamsburg, we take pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. You can trust us to deliver exceptional service that is reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly.

Our professionals clean every inch of your home, including hard-to-reach areas, with industry-standard training ensuring an exceptional job every time.

Get the best Williamsburg cleaning services with help of Elite Maids!


 What is included in the apartment or house deep cleaning services in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, from our company:

Here are the cleaning tasks we will perform:

  • Floors and carpets vacuumed dry;
  • Dusting furniture facades, interior doors, and exterior surfaces of multimedia equipment, lighting gadgets, and tiny ornamental things.
    Cleaning the mirrors and glass (excluding windows);
  • Kitchen hob and sink cleaning;
  • Sanitary ware cleaning and disinfection in the bathroom; two-stage floor cleaning.
  • Clean door handles, plugs, and switches;
  • Wiping door blocks, moldings, and plinths;
  • Cleaning furniture’s inside surface (only if empty);
  • Dust removal from walls and ceilings (dry, depending on finish);
  • Air conditioner and eaves dust removal;
  • Remove dust and filth from kitchen furnishings and clean window sills, heating pipes, and radiators.
  • Clean and degrease stove and sink surfaces; clean small equipment like kettles, microwaves, coffee machines, etc.
  • Washing huge kitchen appliances outside fridge, oven, dishwasher;
  • Sanitize bath, shower cabin, and jacuzzi; clean and disinfect toilet, bidet, urinal, and sink; remove limescale and rust.
  • Cleaning tiles and plastic/slatted ceilings;
  • Floor wet-cleaning to remove dust and debris;
  • Removal of trash.
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Elite Maid

Our company has been the top provider of exceptional maid services to private and corporate clients for years. Our superior standards ensure top-notch cleaning services that exceed your expectations.

For luxury homes and apartments, we upgrade our cleaning equipment and provide excellent maid services.

Who we are

All of the elite maids have over three years of experience. Responsible, clean, and attentive. We carefully pick our cleaners and train them in innovative cleaning methods, inventory management, and chemistry.

Our high-end Williamsburg Brooklyn cleaning service can be ordered online or by phone.

Finding reliable elite maid service professionals in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for you

Safety and reliability are guaranteed for our cleaning services. Professional cleaners are trustworthy and have good work ethics. Trust us to clean your property beautifully.


Your Elite Maid is always:

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3 Years+ of Experience

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FAQ about our Williamsburg Cleaning Service for Apartment and Houses

How do I find a cleaning person in Williamsburg?

If you’re looking for a cleaning person in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, then Elite Maids NY is a perfect choice. With years of experience in deep cleaning homes and businesses, perfect customer service and attention to detail make us stand out among other cleaning services. To order elite cleaning services, contact us on our website or by phone, or you can book online. Our EliteMaids manager will schedule a time for work after assessing the situation.

What is a deep clean of an apartment or house?

EliteMaids NY cleaning company offers a comprehensive deep cleaning service for apartments that involves meticulous scrubbing of all surfaces, including those that are difficult to reach. This cleaning service takes longer than a regular cleaning and utilizes specialized cleaning tools and detergents such as paintbrushes, sponges, gloves, white vinegar, alcohol, lint brushes, and nylon scrub pads. The focus of deep cleaning is to ensure that the entire apartment is free from dirt, grime, and other debris. Moreover, the process involves sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces to eliminate germs and microorganisms that could pose a health risk to the occupants. Additionally, a deep cleaning service should include a room-by-room checklist to ensure that all areas of the apartment are thoroughly cleaned.

How long does it take to clean an apartment or house?

It depends on the apartment size in sq.ft and if it has unique furniture. Please get in touch with us to know more.

How do you clean a filthy apartment?

Cleaning a filthy apartment can be done with ease if you have the right tools and techniques. When it comes to professional cleaning companies, the first step is to assess the job, create an action plan, and ensure that all necessary supplies and equipment are available. The cleaning process involves being thorough, and ensuring all areas are cleaned properly including surfaces, floors, walls, carpets, furniture, and appliances. After the cleaning is complete, it’s a good idea to review the apartment one more time to ensure everything is spotless.

How long should it take to clean a whole apartment?

It typically takes between 3-5 hours to clean an apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn thoroughly, depending on the size (sq. ft. size) and condition of the apartment. It is important to take the time to do a thorough clean and cover all areas, including dusting, mopping, and vacuuming. 


How much does it cost to clean an apartment/house in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

Cleaning an apartment in New York City typically costs anywhere between $50 and up to $150 per hour, depending on the size of the property and the type of cleaning services provided. In most cases, a two-bedroom apartment will require two cleaners, with each cleaner charging an average of $60 per hour. Deep cleaning services, such as floor cleaning, window washing, and cabinet cleaning, may also incur additional costs. It depends on the apartment size, so please contact EliteMaids NY to learn more information and get a free quote. Please check out our flat rate for cleaning the apartment here.

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Elite Maids NY will guarantee 99.9% customer satisfaction!

If you’re looking for a reliable cleaning service, Elite Maids Cleaners is here to help. We understand that cleaning apartments, houses, and mansions can be a time-consuming task, especially for busy residents of New York. That’s why we offer our services to help you maintain the perfect cleanliness of your home. By entrusting this task to professional Williamsburg cleaners like us, you can save several hours of your time and devote your day to rest.



Highly recommend Elite Maids NY Service – easy scheduling through the online booking system! Thank you!


Roxanne Kelley

“Wonderful & Amazing. This was my first time hiring a professional cleaner and I was completely satisfied. Marta was professional throughout the entire service. Her cleaning skills made me not want to clean my house on my own ever again. I definitely recommend EliteMaidsNY and will surely use their services again.”

Yanitza O.

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Why can you rely on the “Elite Maids NY” company in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

Elite Maids NY check iconelite services of premium quality.

Elite Maids NY check iconimpeccable work ethic and attention to detail.

EliteMaids check iconcomprehensive services under the “all-inclusive” system.

Elite Maids NY check icon Customer support is provided for any issues or concerns

Elite Maids NY check icon Our cleaners are fully insured and bonded


Trusted Williasburg cleaning services


Need elite Williamsburg maid service for an apartment or home immediately? Avoid spending hours on unknown household chemicals and makeshift methods that might damage premium surfaces. Elite Maids NY provides high-end cleaning services for apartments & houses!


Why do customers choose Elite Maids?

  • We use professional equipment and approved chemicals that are safe for both the coatings and others’ health.
  • Our Maids perform promptly, qualitatively, and consistently. Our maids don’t have weekends or vacations. When you purchase cleaning services, we will send a team of cleaners to you at your convenience.
  • We operate on the premise of individualizing each client’s experience, considering all of their preferences.
  • We operate with a guarantee for our premium cleaning services.


Elite Maids NY guarantees you a customized and professional service!

Compared to other companies in the market, Elite Maids NY Service’s 99% client satisfaction record stands out.