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Elite Maids is a luxury cleaning company that serves elite real estate in the city, providing the highest quality luxury cleaning services NYC. We solve household tasks related to cleanliness to free up your time for more meaningful and enjoyable activities.

A professional cleaning company makes life easier! So call us now and get the best cleaning services!

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Professional Luxury Cleaning Services in NYC – Get a Clean Home Today!

Our luxury cleaning services NYC free customers from buying household chemicals and help them avoid being exhausted after general cleaning. We accept and fulfill cleaning orders at any convenient time for you.

Five main advantages of Elite Maids NY

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Elite Maids NY company NYC check icon 100% Eco-cleaning

We use eco-friendly vacuum cleaner, and safe cleaning detergents.

Elite Maids NY company NYC check icon Accuracy

We pay attention to every detail while cleaning.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Enthusiasm

We love what we do.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Responsibility

We implement the customer’s wishes and are fully responsible for cleaning results.

Elite Maids NY services New York check icon Punctuality

We meet deadlines with impeccable accuracy.

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How can Elite Maids help to clean your apartment or home?

Our professional team cleans apartments and houses after renovation and helps to maintain perfect cleanliness in your home. We can help you prepare both for receiving guests and to create an ideal clean space for your everyday life. Our maids remove stains from furniture and carpets, neutralize unpleasant odors, bring all visible surfaces to perfect condition, and clean even hard-to-reach places.

We know how to be inconspicuous, so you can do your business while our workers clean. As a result, our luxury cleaning company has gained the trust of many city residents, who have become our regular customers, including top executives, celebrities, and business owners.

Our main goals are:

  • to bring comfort and cleanliness to our client’s lives
  • to cause a “wow effect” with our luxury cleaning services NYC 
  • make your home spotless!



What do our Luxury Cleaning Services NYC include?

EliteMaidsNY - elite and luxury cleaning services team work
  • Removing dust from horizontal surfaces and large household appliances
  • Floor cleaning, dry cleaning and upholstered furniture
  • Cleaning of heating equipment, sockets, switches, and lighting devices
  • washing of refrigerator, oven, and microwave oven inside;
  • removal of fungus and mold;
  • Wiping of mirror surfaces and mirrors
  • Maintenance of entrance and interior doors
  • Deep cleaning of the kitchen, including washing hood
  • Deep sanitizing of toilet, urinal, shower, and bathtub
  • Deep cleaning of tiles and chrome fittings from water deposits
  • Washing of open shelves and lockers

Popular Questions and Answers about Luxury Cleaning Services in NYC

What is luxury housekeeping?
Such luxury cleaning service in New York is aimed at regular maintenance and includes special attention to surfaces, coatings, and materials in elite houses and apartments. Only premium cleaning products and equipment are used during such a cleaning.

You can order luxury housekeeping as often as you like. Bi-weekly visits are popular, but weekly or monthly cleanings can also be arranged.

What is the most successful cleaning company?
Our company is one of the most successful in the luxury maid service NYC market because it was created with a specialization in cleaning elite apartments and houses. The company’s primary goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality services, help them forget about grooming issues, and save time.
What is the best cleaning service for luxury residences in NYC?

We work in several directions in the field of cleaning. We are now ready to offer our clients the following luxury cleaning services NYC that are suitable for busy residents of New York:

  • General and post-construction cleaning;
  • Cleaning regularly or housekeeping;
  • Same-day cleaning;
  • Move-in and move-out cleaning
What is included in a house deep clean?

The luxury cleaning service in NYC package includes the following cleaning works:

  • removal of all types of dirt from surfaces;
  • removal of garbage;
  • cleaning and polishing of mirror and interior glass elements;
  • removing dirt from window sills and frames;
  • wet washing of soft, wooden, and metal furniture;
  • use of special disinfectants in bathrooms and toilets
  • washing floor coverings;
  • thorough cleaning of kitchen surfaces: tiles, countertops, stove, tables, chairs;
  • cleaning of household appliances with polishing compounds
  • dust removal;
How much does it cost to luxury clean an apartment in NYC?

Sometimes the actual cleaning prices may be slightly lower or higher if the level of luxury cleaning services NYC requires is significantly lower or higher.

As part of the calculation process, you need to indicate the size of your apartment or house and the type of cleaning required. Then, based on your answers and our experience, we can estimate how long it will take to clean your home. Our estimates through the online calculator are accurate.

How long does it take to clean a luxury apartment deep?

In general, it takes a full-time working day. But the cleaning time depends on the area of ​​the room, the level of contamination, and the type of service, so the hours can vary significantly.

What do most house cleaners charge per hour?

The price depends on your requirements. You can order general or daily cleaning, and the price will differ. In addition, the size of your home and your specific needs determine the cost. You can calculate the price of cleaning services by high-end cleaners on the website using an online calculator.

In what areas does the cleaning service operate?

We bring cleanliness to the homes of NYC residents in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Who are your cleaners, and how do they clean?

Our company employs full-time high-end cleaners who perfectly know the cleaning algorithm, how to use professional tools, and clean any coating and surface.

We do not employ random people recruited by advertisement. All our maids have passed a thorough selection, so we have only the most professional and experienced cleaners on our team.

Our most valuable resource is a team consisting of office staff and luxury cleaning NYC workers. Elite Maids do not tolerate outdated views on cleaning and the typical “household” approach. Professional development is a part of the responsibilities of employees, along with the performance of official cleaning functions. Free training in the features and rules of cleaning takes place both at internal training and industry seminars.


What quality guarantees do we provide?

Our luxury maid service NYC quality is always the highest, and we have 100% satisfied customers. However, if you have any complaints about the quality of the cleaning, contact our manager by phone.


How long does luxury cleaning services NYC take on average?

Roughly, the general cleaning of an average home takes the cleaning team a full working day. But depending on the features of the object itself and additional requirements of the client, this time may vary. A manager can guide you more precisely by phone or via email.


Do you need to provide maids with household chemicals and inventory?

Our maids provide luxury cleaning services in NYC for apartments and houses with the help of professional equipment and household chemicals that they bring with them.


Do you need to be present in the house during cleaning?

No, you don’t have to. The presence of the customer or authorized person at the facility is not mandatory. You only need to meet the cleaning team to show the premises, and after the cleaning or dry cleaning is finished, accept the job done.

During the performance of luxury cleaning services NYC, you can safely go on business because we guarantee each cleaner’s decency, accuracy, and responsibility.


Can I order additional services? Which exactly?

Suppose you need a high-end cleaning service separate from the standard list. In that case, you can additionally order by phone the following services:

  • washing of kitchen appliances inside (refrigerator, stove, slow cooker, microwave oven, etc.);
  • cleaning chandeliers of any size;
  • washing with a washing machine and subsequent ironing;
  • cleaning of the surrounding area;
  • other services that you can find out at our booking form on the booking page.


What do the employees of the cleaning company Elite Maids not do?

Sorry, but we can’t help you:

  • move heavy furniture;
  • wash the windows
  • fix the faucet
  • change light bulbs
  • hang the picture on the wall
  • dry clean clothes, shoes, pillows, or blankets.

Also, regardless of the situation, we only provide luxury cleaning services NYC at a price lower than the minimum order.


Can we cancel or postpone the cleaning?

Of course, the client can postpone and even cancel the luxury maid service NYC order. To do this, call the manager a day before the appointed time (1 days before the cleaning service).


What if I don't like the result?

The cleaners of our company work so that customers are 100% satisfied with the results of the luxury janitorial and later recommend us to their relatives, acquaintances, and friends. But if for some reason, something didn’t go according to plan and you had a complaint, we would correct all the defects for free. We will leave your home once you’re 100% satisfied with the results of the luxury cleaning service New York!


Is it necessary to pay for the departure of the cleaning team?

The departure of the cleaning team around the city is free.


How to pay for luxury cleaning services NYC?

Payment is made upon completion of work. You can make payment online when you book your service.


Our team of professional cleaners will make efforts to perform the perfect Luxury Cleaning Service

General cleaning of an apartment or house is a chore that takes a lot of energy and often deprives you of a good mood. No matter what systems of maintaining order you practice, allocating a day or even two to total cleanliness in the entire building could be much better.

But the general cleaning of the house should be carried out at least once every couple of months, and regular cleaning should be performed weekly. Therefore, it is rational to transfer household care to a specialized company with professional workers who will clean your home in several hours.

Our maids bring the necessary chemicals, inventory, and cleaning equipment. The price of luxury cleaning services NYC includes washing closed shelves and shelves in closets if they are free of personal belongings. In general, cleaning a house or apartment, cleaners move chairs and vacuum under tables. Still, they do not rearrange heavy furniture such as bookcases and sofas.

Call us now to get luxury home cleaning services at a reasonable price! Our manager will provide you with a detailed consultation on our services and other details.