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In recent years, cleaning services in Manhattan have reached a new level. Competition in the cleaning market forces the cleaning companies in NYC to change their approach to work. Our employees are the first ones to catch these new tendencies and adapt to the growing demands of customers. That is why you will not find better professionals in the city.

Our company guarantees house cleaning Manhattan of any interior elements and preserving all your belongings in a house made of premium materials.

When customers need a complete package of cleaning services in Manhattan with a high work execution, they turn to our company. Because our cleaning company has a staff of qualified specialists who constantly improve their professional skills, monitor the latest trends in the field of cleaning equipment and professional tools for different surfaces.

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Professional Cleaning Services in Manhattan – Get a Clean Home Today!

Do you need a premium cleaning company for cleaning apartments and houses? Then use apartment cleaning services Manhattan from our cleaning company. Elite Maids company offers professional, high-quality, affordable cleaning services for various purposes for apartments, homes, and premises.

The optimal ratio of price and quality is determined by the growing demands of our clients, who are the owners of elite real estate. Our specialists are experienced in coping with the most complex contaminations, which allows us to quickly and successfully clean the premises with both small and large areas. Furthermore, using special equipment for cleaning and professional detergents helps us easily clean individual elements of the interior made of premium materials from dirt and dust without damaging the polishing and fabrics!

The Elite Maids company, which provides cleaning services in Manhattan, offers high-quality and affordable cleaning services in Manhattan for apartments and houses.

So don’t hesitate to order a deep cleaning today!

So, what do our Manhattan cleaning services look like?

Manhattan cleaning service requires free time, competent organization of the process, and unique means and tools.
Therefore, the optimal solution would be to entrust the entire work complex to the cleaning company’s specialists.

General cleaning is one of the most demanded professional cleaning services in Manhattan. It is carried out following the customer’s requirements and in a specific order. Specialists of our cleaning company select the optimal solution for each customer.

At the same time, the object’s technical features, the operation’s specifics, and the type of surfaces inside the thing that require special care are taken into account.

Apartment cleaning manhattan service advantages by Elite Maids NY

What is included in maid service NYC Manhattan?

List of works performed by our employees:

  • Removing dust from the walls
  • Washing heating batteries, pipes
  • Washing door blocks (doors, cash registers, locks)
  • Wiping the dust from external surfaces of furniture and interior elements
  • Wet and dry wiping of lighting devices (lamps, sconces, floor lamps, small chandeliers) and office equipment
  • Dust removal from carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture with a vacuum cleaner
  • Washing wall tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Wet wiping off the external surfaces of the kitchen stove, kitchen hood, refrigerators, dishwasher, washing machine, and microwave oven.
  • Washing sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, bidets, faucets, diverters
  • Washing mirrors.
  • Washing plinths.
  • Wet cleaning of hard floors (laminate, parquet, linoleum, tiles)
  • Garbage removal.
  • Washing of standard window blocks (windows, window sills, slopes, low tides, balcony doors) * extra payment for inside windows cleaning.
  • Commercial cleaning Manhattan (extra payment depends on sq.ft size of your commercial area).

Popular Questions & Answers about Cleaning Services in Manhattan, NYC 

How much does a cleaner cost in Manhattan?

The price-quality ratio of general cleaning is reasonable. It allows you to remove dirt for a long time, which cannot be removed during a standard cleaning.

You can calculate the exact price for cleaning on our website using the online calculator on the booking page.

How much is deep cleaning in NYC?

The price of deep cleaning Manhattan depends on several objective factors:

  • area and dimensions of the object accepted for work;
  • specifics of the cleaning process (amount and types of dirt that must be removed from surfaces);
  • set of services;
  • the need to use particular cleaning technologies and equipment.

You can calculate the price on your own here on the website.



What is maintenance move cleaning Manhattan, and how does it differ from daily cleaning? Does it make sense to order for home?

Maintenance cleaning is that which ensures daily cleanliness on the premises. For example, imagine that you went home in the evening after work, took the children to school in the morning, then came home from work – and the house is messy: the dishes are dirty, and toys and books are scattered. And again, you need to put everything in order. But suppose you invite professional cleaners for maintenance cleaning. In that case, you will return from work to an impeccably clean house and can relax.


How much does a cleaner cost in Manhattan?

The price-quality ratio of general cleaning is reasonable. It allows you to remove dirt for a long time, which cannot be removed during a standard cleaning.

You can calculate the exact price for cleaning on our website using the online calculator on the booking page.

How much does it cost to clean a two-bedroom apartment in NYC?

The cost of cleaning services in Manhattan is approximate and is determined individually. The manager’s visit to estimate the cost of such services as post-construction cleaning Manhattan and the timing of the work is free of charge.

But you can always calculate it on our website by indicating your house or apartment information on the booking page.


What is the hourly rate for a private cleaner Manhattan?

The hourly rate depends on the work’s total volume and complexity, so it may vary. But additional services have a fixed surcharge — $100 for each other assistance. We also have a list of additional maids in Manhattan cleaning services on our website that you can check. The hourly rate of our cleaning services is 60$ per hour per maid.


How much does a cleaning person cost in Manhattan, NYC?

The final price and cleaning time depend on the room’s area, volume, and complexity of the work. You can always calculate this cost yourself on our website.


How much do you tip a cleaner?

It is a very individual question. You are not required to leave a tip and only pay according to the price calculated with the help of the online calculator.


How much does a live-in housekeeper cost in NYC?

There is a booking form on our website where you can calculate and view individual pricing for your home. This feature on our website provides instant quotes without the necessity of communicating with managers.


Have you had complex cleaning cases in your practice that were difficult to handle?

We have been working on the market for many years. Our practice also had complex cases: objects in poor condition or huge premises.

But we always inspect the work front and decide how many people and what equipment should be allocated to perform the task.

Therefore, we constantly cope with even the most challenging work. And if necessary, we call for additional help from our cleaning company office.

Our customers have always been satisfied. If there were minor remarks in the first years, when we were gaining experience, everything was resolved on the spot in operational order.


Are you responsible for your employees?

Our employees are checked for decency and benevolence, undergo professional and psychological training, and all cleaners have a work permit and are insured.

We take a rigorous approach to selection, and our employees value their place, a decent salary, and cheer for the company’s reputation. So you can trust us completely.


If I need to do a complex cleaning with thorough disinfection, can you cope with such a task?

We often performed this procedure during the active phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our employees will first bring the object to a normal state, achieve perfect cleanliness, including removing garbage, and then disinfect everything needed with unique means.


Suppose there are expensive finishes like valuable wood species, marble, special glass, etc., in the house. Can I count on your staff to clean everything up properly?

Yes, we guarantee the quality of work. Our cleaners undergo special training in handling various expensive materials. They know which means to choose for cleaning natural and artificial stone, the wood of exotic species, mirrors, glass, and other decorative elements. We send only the best employees for VIP cleaning.


Our Professionals Provide High End Cleaning Services in Manhattan NYC


Ordering cleaning from our company is very practical and, by the way, not very expensive. We perform the work with high quality and within the terms established by our clients.

We have never had any dissatisfied customers and are proud of being a company with a 100% satisfaction rate.
Take care of yourself, let yourself have more free time, and entrust the cleaning services in Manhattan to us.