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The day you get the keys to your newly built abode is often one of the happiest in your life. But there’s still much to do before you call this place your home. One of these steps is a thorough cleanup. So, what is post construction cleaning?

As the name gives way, post construction cleaning refers to the cleanup of a building after it has been constructed. There’s more to it, though.

In this guide, we answer the main question: what is post construction cleaning? We also discuss what’s included in it and how you can make it a breeze.

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What Is Post Construction Cleaning? 

The contractor has finished their work. All the workforce has left the site. 

Now, post construction cleanup can start. It is the process of cleaning the job site upon job completion. 

In the context of this guide, we only limit post construction cleaning to residential spaces. However, commercial and industrial spaces also require post construction cleaning. 

The process involves cleaning the whole place, removing leftover building material and debris, vacuuming the floors, deep-cleaning the ceilings and walls, wiping down all surfaces, etc. 

Sometimes, the post construction cleaning extends to post appliance-installation, too. Let’s say you moved into your new house. The kitchen did not have a dishwasher, or you wanted to install a new one. 

You’ll need to clean up afterward, too. 

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Why Is Post Construction Cleaning Important?

There are several benefits of post construction cleaning in any house. We discuss a few below. 


Sure enough, the contractors will have some form of cleanup regimen. Most likely, this regimen will only focus on their work area. They may remove the broken bricks and scraps of materials they used. 

If they’re more conscientious in their approach, they’ll also pick up additional stuff like sharp objects and random nails or screws. But there’s still debris behind. 

The dust from the woodwork and other building materials can pose a health hazard, especially if you or a family member have allergies or sensitivities. You don’t want to fall prey to allergens at a time when you need to be enjoying a new phase in your life, do you? 


After all the hard work put into building a new home or renovating an old one, you want the end result to be beautiful and welcoming. Post construction cleaning helps achieve this. 

Also, you can scour your house during this time. You might realize that a certain nook will be perfect for a picture wall. Maybe you shouldn’t be putting the grand bookshelf too close to the window since the area gets a lot of dust. 

It’s a good time to learn about your new house. 


There are two ways to go about moving into a new home. You can either move all your furniture in and then start cleaning. Or you can just do it beforehand. 

The latter often works better. Since there’s no furniture blocking your way, you can clean more efficiently. Also, you won’t have to call your partner for help every few minutes because the couch won’t budge. 

Cleaning up post construction saves you time in the long run. After the furniture comes in, give the place a good sweep, and you’re ready to start a new chapter.

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What Is Included in Post Construction Cleaning?

You now know: what is a post construction cleaning. But do you understand what’s included in it? We discuss it below. 

Bedroom and Living Space Cleanup

The cleanup checklist for bedrooms and living rooms is similar. Here’s what you need to do: 

  • Dust all surfaces, such as the windows, baseboards, windowsills, and shelves 
  • Vacuum the floors 
  • Remove debris from all surfaces. 
  • Clean mirrors, lamps, and other reflective surfaces 
  • Wipe surfaces like furniture tops. 
  • Wipe and sanitize high-traffic areas like door knobs and TV remotes. 

Kitchen Cleanup 

The kitchen requires a meticulous cleaning process. Don’t only limit yourself to cleaning the floors and walls. You also have to tackle the appliances and stovetops. 

  • Floors:  Vacuum them thoroughly and then give them a good mop. If you have a rug, vacuum it, too. 
  • Countertops:  Dust debris off the countertops and wipe them properly. 
  • Sink:  Use your scrub brush to remove any stains or buildup from the sink. After scrubbing, rinse it with a wet cloth. 
  • Cabinets:  These need to be cleaned both on the inside and the outside. For the exterior, use a wet cloth for wiping. For the interior, you can do the same if there’s yet to be anything inside the cabinet. But in case of post renovation cleaning, take your stuff out of the cabinets. Wipe the shelves and then put the items back in. 
  • Lights:  Wipe the light fixtures with a wet cloth. 
  • Appliances:  Check the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning appliances. 
  • Stovetop:  Use a stovetop-safe cleaner to wipe the surface. 
  • Miscellaneous:  Clean the ventilation grills and the exhaust fans properly. Take out the trash from the kitchen and put a new liner in the bin. 

Bathroom Cleanup

What is post construction cleaning without proper bathroom cleaning? The bathroom is an essential room in your house that you shouldn’t ignore. Clean it as follows: 

  • Toilets:  For the toilet, you need to clean the bowl, seat, tank, and base. Use an appropriate cleaner for the job. Also, disinfect the area. 
  • Bathtubs and Showers:  Use a bathtub cleaner to scrub the walls and tub area. For the shower, clean the showerhead and faucet with a cleaner or white vinegar. 
  • Sinks and Faucets:  Clean the faucets and sinks appropriately before use. Make sure you use a non-abrasive cleaning material. 
  • Floors:  Vacuum and mop the floors. 
  • Cabinets:  Clean the cabinets with a duster. Then, wipe them using a wet cloth. 
  • Mirrors:  Wipe the mirrors with a glass cleaner. 
  • Miscellaneous:  Clean the accessories like towel racks and toilet paper holders. Also, check the ventilation fan and clean it if necessary. While you’re at it, sanitize high-traffic areas like the light switches, too. Post-construction bathroom fixtures often have protective coverings or stickers. Remove them, too. 

“High-Traffic” Area Cleanup

Besides the main rooms, you also have to clean high-traffic areas, such as:

  • Exits
  • Entrances
  • Lobbies
  • Corridors

Start with vacuuming the floors. Then, mop them with a safe cleaner to get rid of debris. Again, if you have rugs, they also need vacuuming.

Exterior Cleanup

Depending on your house, you may also have to clean up the outside. That includes the yard and the driveway.

Sweep the leaves, debris, and any other trash on the outside. Then, use a pressure washer to clean up the driveway and walkways.

It’s also a good idea to clean the windows on the outside. When you move in, they will be all nice and clean for people-watching with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Video Resource:  Tips for Post-Construction Cleaning  


residential post construction checklist - room by room checklist

Creating a Post Construction Cleaning Checklist For Your Home 

After you understand what is post construction cleaning, the next step is usually creating a checklist to follow. We have specified the components of post construction cleaning above. You can use them along with the tips we discuss below to make a checklist for your home. 

  • Use Specific Details:  Your home will differ from other homes. So, you need to account for your home’s specific details to create a cleanup plan. 
  • Dry Clean First:  Do all the ”dry” cleaning first. Dusting and sweeping need to be done before you start any wet cleaning. 
  • Start From Top:  It’s best to jump from the top and go to the bottom so that you don’t have to go over the same area multiple times. For instance, clean the ceilings and walls first, then move on to the floors. 
  • Stay Safe:  Wear protective gear and follow the instructions on cleaning solutions to stay safe. Do not mix random chemicals. If you’re using bleach, ventilate the area by opening the windows. 

When to Hire Post Construction Cleaning Services?

Moving into a new home can be a hectic task. You have to push the furniture, change the address on all your documents, and so on. In all this chaos, dealing with the cleanup is an added chore. 

Why not designate this to professional cleaners? 

You should hire post construction cleaning services when you know you will need more time or energy to do it yourself. Also, if you’re injured or prone to allergies, it’s better to let professionals do the cleaning part. 

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Count on Elite Post Construction Cleaning 

Moving into a new home? At Elite Maids, we’re excited to make this process as easy for you as possible. 

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We have been providing post construction cleaning services for years. During this time, we have mastered the art of cleaning and gained extensive knowledge of the best techniques and products. 

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