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You’ve moved into a new apartment. First of all, congratulations! Amidst all the trips to Home Depot, IKEA, and your favorite thrift stores, you also need to buy cleaning supplies for new apartment.

After all, if it’s not clean, no amount of Anthropologie home decor or linen could give it the Pinterest aesthetic you’re going for.

Having said that, most people aren’t fully aware of the cleaning supplies they need for their apartment. The last thing you want is to realize you don’t have the right type of cleaner for your floors in the middle of a full-blown deep cleaning session.

So, keep reading to make a cleaning supplies checklist for apartment cleaning. Let’s dive in.

apartment cleaning checklist


Apartment Cleaning Supplies Checklist by Type and Use Cases 

The cleaning supplies list for apartment will differ across owners and the apartment’s size. Not everyone has a large apartment with a balcony and a living room. 

Box apartments are very much a thing. 

The cleaning supplies you buy will depend on the type of cleaning your apartment needs, the rooms, the size of your apartment, and the types of surfaces. We’ve categorized the cleaning supplies for new apartment based on the factors below. 

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Cleaning Solutions 

First things first, let’s talk about the cleaning solutions for your new apartment. These are the basic things that you should have on hand. 

  • All-Purpose Cleaner:  It won’t be wrong to call it the savior of all cleaning. It’s a universal cleaner that can be used for windows, counters, and even floors. Of all the messes you’ll clean in your apartment, grease will prove to be your biggest enemy. Fortunately, an all-purpose cleaner can help you tackle that, too.
  • Wood Cleaner:  Regardless of your apartment’s size, it will definitely have wooden surfaces, be it furniture or a kitchen counter. A wood cleaner is suitable for wood surfaces, no matter what type of wood. It can help you restore the wood’s natural shine and appearance. 
  • Glass Cleaner:  Windows are the most important part of living space in an apartment or a house. Look for a glass cleaner that is streak-free and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Or you can make one at home by mixing a few tablespoons of white vinegar in 2 cups of water. 
  • Bathroom Cleaner:  Bathroom cleaners come in various forms, such as sprays or wipes. You can decide which one you want to get. Just make sure it’s strong enough to clean the gunk off the sink, grout, toilet, sink, and tub. 
  • Bleach:  You know you’re a true adult when you have use for bleach. Use it to clean out the dirt and bacteria from your bathroom or kitchen.
  • Dishwashing Liquid:  Let’s head over to the kitchen now. Dishwashing liquid is essential for any home, as it helps scrub off stubborn grease from cookware, dishes, glasses, sinks, and countertops. 
  • White Vinegar:  If you take a look at DIY cleaning solution recipes, you’ll find that white vinegar is the star ingredient in most of them. That’s because it has a powerful acidity and can kill germs and bacteria on contact. Add it to the cart now! 
  • Baking Soda:  Speaking of DIY recipes, baking soda is also a must-have item in your cleaning arsenal. It’s a natural cleaner and deodorizer that removes nasty odors and stains. 
  • Carpet Cleaner:  If you have carpets in your home, you need to get a carpet cleaner. The best ones will break down debris without damaging your carpet’s fibers. 

Apart from these, you can buy specific cleaning solutions, such as those for marble, stainless steel, granite, or wood. 

general cleaning tools - vacuum cleaner

General Cleaning Tools

When buying cleaning supplies for first apartment, you have to get every cleaning tool, from a broom to a mop. Here’s a checklist of cleaning supplies for new apartment you can use: 

  • Caddy:  Carrying half a dozen tools and cleaning products around the house is no fun. Instead, invest in a caddy to keep everything in one place. 
  • Broom and Dustpan:  The good old broom and dustpan are essential for sweeping up dirt, dust, food crumbs, pet fur, etc. 
  • Mop:  A mop is perfect for mopping up spills and getting rid of sticky gunk on your floors. 
  • Rubber Gloves:  Get a few pairs for when you have to clean with harsh chemicals, such as bleach. You can also wear them during general cleaning to not ruin your fresh manicure. 
  • Vacuum Cleaner:  Onto the big guns. A vacuum cleaner is a must-have for cleaning carpets and rugs. Plus, you can use it to remove deep-seated dust, dirt, and pet hair from your floors. Get a vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments so that you can use the same machine to clean your stairs, car, upholstery, floors, window sills, rugs, and other surfaces. 
  • Microfiber Sweeper:  All pet parents need to get a microfiber sweeper, as it does a stellar job of picking up pet hair. 

What Cleaning tools Do I need? Youtube video by “CleanMySpace” channel.

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Kitchen Cleaning Supplies for New Apartment 

We can all agree that most of the cleaning takes place in the kitchen. So, you must know the cleaning supplies list for apartment kitchen. Here’s what we suggest: 

  • Sponges:  The longer the dishes stay in the sink, the higher the risk of bacterial growth. Don’t wait to pile up enough dishes to fill up your dishwasher. Have a few sponges handy to quickly take care of those dishes and pans. 
  • Dish Cloth:  These are needed to wipe down countertops, dishes, appliances, and backsplashes. 
  • Steel Wool:  Built-up grease can give tough competition to superglue. No wonder you need steel wool to scour off those stubborn substances. 
  • Scrub Brush:  The scrub brush will help you clean in those tight and hard-to-reach corners of counters, backsplashes, grout lines, and even the sink. 
  • Paper Towel:  For all those accidental spills during cooking. 

Pro Tip:  The best cleaning supplies for apartment kitchens are not always the most fancy-looking or expensive. Invest in efficient and durable ones. The Scrub Daddy might not meet your artsy aesthetic, but it gets the job done. So, it goes into the cart. 

Youtube video by “American Test Kitchen” channel.

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Living Room Cleaning Supplies for New Apartment 

You can just use all the supplies mentioned above in your living room, too. But here are a few extra items you need to consider for this area: 

  • Lint Roller:  A lint roller doesn’t only work for your clothes but also carpets and curtains. You can use it to remove lint from your upholstery, too. If you have a furry buddy at home, you’ll  definitely  need a lint roller. Trust us on this. 
  • Duster:  It helps to have a long-handle dusting brush for cobwebs, baseboards, and hard-to-reach spots like ceiling fans and window sills.

bathroom cleaning checklist

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies for New Apartment 

We kept the least glamorous part for last. But you can’t ignore the fact that bathrooms need to be kept clean and hygienic at all times. Invest in these basic cleaning supplies for apartment bathroom: 

  • Grout Brush:  The grout brush will get rid of dirt and mold from grout lines. 
  • Toilet Bowl Brush:  You’ll also need a toilet bowl brush to keep the bowl clean. 
  • Toothbrush:  Nope! Not the one you use to brush your teeth. Get one with hard bristles to remove tough stains and dirt from grout and tiles. The toothbrush also reaches around the faucet in places you can’t access with a regular brush. 
  • Toilet Cleaner:  Get a specialized toilet cleaner that cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes. A sanitizer could be a good add-on. 

Balcony Cleaning Supplies for New Apartment 

Not all apartments have balconies. But if yours does, you’ll need a few extra cleaning supplies to make sure it stays in top condition.

  • Pressure Washer:  You can either rent or buy one. A pressure washer will take care of any dirt and grime on outdoor walls and floors. 
  • Upholstery Cleaner:  It’s a must-have for apartment owners with outdoor furniture. You don’t even have to buy brand names. The ones from Amazon will do the job just as well. 


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When to Get External Help for Apartment Cleaning 

As you move in, you ask yourself: what cleaning supplies do I need for my apartment? You’re ready to shell out a few hundred dollars, and you do it. 

But then you have a tough week at work, as a result of which you’re too tired to get around to the apartment cleaning. What do you do now? 

Hire a cleaning service like Elite Maids NY. The best part about getting professionals on board is that they come equipped with the right supplies and cleaning solutions, providing you peace of mind and taking a load off your shoulders. Plus, they’ll get the job done quicker than you ever will. 

Professionals at Elite Maids NY know which cleaning solution to use and how to get rid of stubborn stains. So, you don’t need to worry about your furniture or floors getting damaged during cleaning. 

Book a cleaning  today to get your apartment spic and span without any hassle.