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Did you just hear about the 3 phases of post construction cleaning and are overwhelmed by the idea? If yes, fret not. While these cleaning stages may sound overwhelming, they are essential to making your constructed property clean and debris-free. 

The 3 phases of post construction cleaning ensure your newly constructed home or office is safe to use. From removing basic debris to conducting precision cleaning, these stages cover all the essential tasks required to make a place liveable right after its construction.

If you have just constructed a place for sale or own it yourself, here are all the details you need to know about the 3 phases of post construction cleaning before you or the rightful owner move in.

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Why Do You Need a Post Construction Cleanup? 

A commercial construction project involves multiple processes and stages. All the work performed leaves behind an ample amount of debris, dust, and grime. To make the place liveable, it should be thoroughly cleaned after construction.

Post construction cleaning typically starts once the contractors are done with their job. The procedure involves deep and detailed cleaning of walls, floors, doors, ceilings, and other parts. 

The process is usually thorough and comprehensive. It is divided into three stages to make it more streamlined and organized. 

But why is a post construction cleanup so important? Here are a few reasons. 

Ensure Safety

Post-construction cleaning is a process of deep cleaning to ensure that every piece of debris is smartly removed from the construction site after the work is done. Some construction leftovers may prove hazardous, so having them eliminated is the only way to ensure a site’s safety. 

Build Value

Suppose you have constructed a property, and it is about time you handed it over to its owner. In that case, the accumulated debris, dust, and grime will definitely ruin the site’s value, giving the owner a bad first impression. 

If a site is filled with all the construction ‘leftovers,’ it doesn’t look ready to use for its purpose. To avoid these problems, a post construction cleaning is imperative to ensure that the final look of the property reflects its true value. 

Support Functionality

Do you know that most dirt and debris can ruin the functionality of HVAC systems installed at the site? You may see dust around electrical outlets and other similar essential systems. To ensure they work properly, it is essential to deep clean every nook and corner after all the construction work is done. 

Respect Compliance

There are many governments that don’t approve of a site for living until it is thoroughly cleaned post its construction. In such cases, you must meet the legal standards of a region to avoid any fine. 

Experience Longevity

You may have constructed a house or office by using expensive exterior and interior items. In that case, you can’t take the risk of seeing them getting damaged by accumulated dust and debris sooner than later. 

Therefore, it is important to get a post construction cleanup so that every corner gets thoroughly cleaned. This will help increase the longevity of the fixtures, furniture, and surfaces while keeping their shine. 

Now that you know the importance of post construction cleaning, let’s learn about the procedure’s three phases for a more detailed overview. 

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3 Phases of Post Construction Cleaning-In Detail

You may wonder why there are three stages of post-construction cleaning rather than one. Well, that’s because cleaning a construction project isn’t as easy as cleaning a furnished house or an already-built and livable property. 

A newly constructed place may have a lot of debris, chemical spills, mirror pieces, boxes, scrap wood, and dirt lying around. Plus, with construction workers coming in and out, the place may need to be better-sanitized or safe for living. 

Therefore, the cleaning procedure of such a site is divided into three stages to ensure no corner gets missed out when making the property spick and span. 

Here are the details of post construction cleaning phases and their importance. 

what's included in post construction cleaning?  | phase #1 Rough cleaning for post construction cleaning

Phase #1: Rough Cleaning

The first phase prepares you for the demanding cleaning tasks ahead. Yes, you can call it a warm-up. 

This stage aims to remove the bulk of the debris and materials lying around after the construction work has been completed. The leftovers from the construction process usually include drywall, scrap wood, boxes, packaging materials, mirror pieces, etc. 

The rough cleaning phase prepares the site for detailed and comprehensive cleaning that may follow. At this phase, professionals also identify specific areas requiring strict attention. 

During the rough cleaning phase, the most common tasks performed include: 

  • Removal of large items such as trash, leftover materials, and debris
  • General vacuuming and sweeping 
  • Removal of stickers on doors and mirrors
  • Wiping of newly installed fixtures like bathtubs and sinks

After completing all the tasks mentioned above, you get a more apparent workspace to perform a detailed cleaning. 

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Phase #2: Light Cleaning 

Light cleaning is all about detailed cleaning. This phase begins once the site has been set up after rough cleaning. 

The primary purpose of light cleaning is to clean all surfaces to ensure that the entire site is free from dirt, dust, and grime. Light cleaning also helps prepare the space for final cleaning and occupancy. 

Following some major tasks, both construction dirt and dust are addressed professionally. So, what happens in the light cleaning phase of post-construction cleaning? 

Some of the tasks performed include: 

  • Cleanup of all windows with their sills and frames to eliminate any smudges and dust
  • Dusting of surfaces like shelves, baseboards, and installed fixtures
  • Vacuuming of rugs and carpets (in some circumstances, they may be washed too if required)
  • Mopping of floors to make them dirt-free
  • Disinfecting of surfaces
  • Cleaning the outsides and insides of all drawers and cabinets
  • Through cleanup of bathrooms, including the bathtubs, toilets, floors, sinks, and showers
  • Detailed cleaning of kitchen surfaces such as fixtures, appliances and countertops

The light cleaning phase is the most detailed and time-consuming one. Also, it is usually customized depending on the number of rooms in the site and the intensity of post construction mess created. 

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Phase #3: Final Cleaning

By this phase, the constructed site will look very clean and dirt-free. After all, the detailed cleaning from the light cleaning phase will show up. 

So, what happens at the final cleaning stage? It gives your property a final touch-up before it is occupied

This cleaning is also essential to clear up dust that may have settled since the light cleaning phase. 

Here are a few everyday tasks performed at the final cleaning phase. 

  • Re-cleaning floors to remove dirt. This task usually involves mopping hard floors and vacuuming carpets. 
  • Polishing of fixtures to ensure their shine. Also, this procedure helps remove any fingerprints or smudges on the furniture. 
  • Wiping all kitchen, living, and bathroom surfaces to eliminate dust. 
  • Inspect all nooks and corners to ensure that no part is left uncleaned. If there are any, detailed cleaning is performed to address minor streaks and spots. 

The procedure ends with giving final touches to the entire space so it looks pristine. After this stage, professional finishing helps make the area look and feel brand new, ensuring the place is perfect for occupancy. 

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Should You Perform 3 Phases of Post Construction Cleaning Yourself? 

You now know that you need to clean your construction site to a T before handing it out. But should you do the post-construction cleaning yourself or delegate the task to professionals? 

Post-construction cleaning is a time-consuming and sometimes daunting project. You may only satisfy yourself if you have a lot on your plate. 

Similarly, if your contractor created the building, they may have done a lot to make it liveable. So, instead of handling the cleaning task yourself or delegating it to contractors, hire a professional cleaning team for the job. 

Here are a few reasons why professional cleaners can be your best choice. 

  • They will ensure the complete safety of the people living on the property. The professionals will not leave even a nail on the floor or dust on a surface. 
  • Professional cleaners have the right tools and skills to do a perfect job. Therefore, with them on the board, you won’t find stickers on walls or a partially cleaned rug. 
  • By hiring professionals for post construction cleaning phases, you won’t have to worry about making the space liveable within the given deadline. 
  • The team will perform all three phases simultaneously, ensuring no delays at any stage.  

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Hire Elite Maids NY for 3 Phases of Post Construction Cleaning

If you don’t want your post-constructed site to look messy, hire EliteMaidsNY today. With our professional maids on board, you can make even an ample newly constructed villa grime- and dirt-free. 

From cleaning the mirrors and removing residue to disinfecting the tiles, our professional maids do every job well so you can be welcomed in a spick-and-span property. Book our cleaning services now, and let us be of some help.